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VKV Line Up of

VK Ventures started out raising Boer Goats… They tried many different feeders over the years and found that they were all lacking. So, they started designing and building their own.

People would come to look at their goats and they asked where they got their feeders - with the answer of:“We built it ourselves”, the next question would be - “Could you build one for us?” Before long, VKV was in the equipment business!

Our product line is ever expanding based on customer requests.

Our current Equipment Line includes:

Feeders for Goats and Sheep Feeders for Goats and Sheep VKV Creep Feeders VKV Creep Feeders VKV Fence Feeders VKV Fence Feeders Round Bale Feeders Round Bale Feeders

VKV Double-Sided Galvanized Feeders come in 4’ or 8’ Lengths

NEW: VKV Creep Feeder

NEW: VKV Fence Line Feeder

with Available Walk-Through Gate

VKV Round Bale Feeder